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It's no secret that the average Australian is having a hard time financially, and with Christmas on the horizon managing dollars is likely to be top of mind for many.

That’s why gift flick, Australia's innovative new digital gift wrap service, and Inside Retail decided to conduct a survey of 750 randomly selected Australian adults in September 2023. We were curious to uncover exactly what Australians are thinking and planning.  Read the survey headlines below and see the full report: “Who wants what this Christmas?”

The key survey insights to help you optimise gift-based sales through to Christmas and beyond:

1. Consumers are cost-cutting and there is a net negative change in spending intention across every retail category

2. Gift preferences are changing as consumer sentiment shifts towards more practical gifts and gift cards

3. Consumers are increasingly valuing non-price aspects of gifts, such as practicality and usefulness

4. Enhancing emotional engagement with gifts through personalisation is an effective way to boost online sales without resorting to heavy discounts

Could personalisation be the silver bullet to increasing online sales this Christmas?Personalisation ranked high in terms of consumer appeal when it comes to gifting – personalisation of the gift item itself, the gift wrap, and the gift delivery mechanism. It’s clear that retail strategies that increase the emotional impact of gifts can be effective at increasing online sales without having to reduce prices, and personalisation is the key to enabling greater emotional impact.

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