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gift flick® instant digital gifting service provides an end to order deadlines for online gift shopping. It’s a game changer for your business this year and an experience customers love.

From birthdays to anniversaries, Christmas to Lunar New Year, graduations to new baby celebrations, gift flick is the perfect solution for those that leave gift shopping to the very last minute or are unable to see their loved ones in person.

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Simple, light-weight widget

gift flick® is an e-commerce plug-in that enables consumers to virtually send any product or gift voucher in an e-tailer’s store. The gift can then be sent via the messaging channel of the customer’s choice whenever the time is right to digitally unveil the gift.

Gifts are revealed within a gift flick® gift story that features a personalised message, photo and/or video, which are cleverly integrated into an animated or filmed story. Typically, these are 45 seconds to 1 minute long, enabling plenty of personalisation within a branded story-telling context.

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Feature News

gift flick recognised in Finder Innovation Awards 2023

gift flick has emerged as one of the top brands at this year’s Finder Innovation Awards, picking up a Highly Commended gong for Best Retail Innovation.

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Your brand. Your gift stories.

Add your brand assets to our template gift stories or create bespoke gift stories in consultation with our Creative & Content team.

Leverage your brand ambassadors or latest creative campaign to create magical digital gift stories your customers will love.

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Never miss a gifting opportunity

Boost sales and grow customer loyalty


Acquisition: Capture last minute gifting for both seasonal and evergreen gifting occasions even after the shipping window has closed. See how gift flick® is integrated at Red Balloon


Loyalty: Improve loyalty and NPS by offering both the gifter and the gift recipient a high value and differentiated gifting experience. Watch how Country Road used gift flick® to deliver their loyalty reward to customers last December.


Corporate gifts: For products that make perfect corporate gifts, enable your corporate customers to deliver the gifts in a personalised way to their employees
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93% of customers loved their gift flick® experience

Don't take it from us, hear what customers have to say about gift flick.

93% of gift recipients love their gift receiving experience

87% of gift recipients said they would use gift flick themselves to send a gift

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gift flick® has been built as a light-weight plugin widget for ease of integration and no impact on webpage loading speeds.
Integration with all e-commerce platforms is available. Typical integration timelines for the most popular e-commerce platforms:

Shopify - less than a day

Wordpress - Woocommerce - 1 day

Other e-commerce platforms - 2-3 days

Never miss a gifting opportunity
Never miss a gifting opportunity

Country Road benefits from 20x ROI

Country Road – who are ‘always on’ partners of gift flick® – are enjoying great success using the platform with a 20 x ROI in their investment in gift flick® to date.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up gift flick?

Reach out to us at and we can guide you through a very simple setup process. If you customise our templated gift story videos you can get up and running in a matter of days.

How secure is gift flick?

Our plugin/API is enterprise quality secure. Everything is hosted on secure AWS servers and set up to meet the demands of any amount of traffic or website load.

Will the plugin slow my website down?

No. We have built the API with performance in mind - it is very much a light weight product designed to fit in seamlessly with your current customer buying journey and check out flow.

Can I create my own gift story videos?

Absolutely! Some brands want to own the experience end to end and recognise that custom gift stories are a great new marketing channel to communicate their brand's creative campaigns. We will work with your creative team at every step to build a super personalised brand experience for your customers.

How much is gift flick?

We understand CAC exceptionally well, so we only charge when you convert a sale using our technology. More than 90% of customers say if gift flick was not available at point of purchase they would have resorted to another product/brand or solution altogether. That's why we are confident that gift flick will deliver incremental sales to your business.

Will this have an impact on my supply chain and logistics?

Not at all. Nothing changes operationally. You ship and manage the customer the same way you do now. We are simply giving your customers the ability to send a gift as a virtual preview before it arrives in the mail, or inbox in the case of a gift voucher.


Gift Flick provides endota the opportunity to create an elevated gifting experience. It allows customers to send any product on endota’s online store as an instant digital gift while they wait for it to be delivered in the mall, making last minute and long-distance gifting possible. The platform also provides a positive gifting experience for consumers, replicating the surprise and delight aspect of gifting in person to a digital form.

Ashley Chan eCommerce Manager, Endota

With so many of our customers choosing to gift with GODIVA, gift flick has elevated the way we send thoughtful, personalised messages with our chocolate. In a culture where more and more people are becoming comfortable sending video messages over email or text, gift flick helped us evolve our gifting storytelling abilities with its innovative, easy-to-use integration. Through the medium of video, we can also help our customers communicate thoughtful messages without the barrier of one language–whether you speak English or you speak Mandarin, gift flick is for anyone who gifts. We become part of the method that someone creates a special memory for the one they gift.

Shane Hills GODIVA Australia Country Manager

Near or far, a mother's love is powerful. Transcending borders and time zones, it's an unwavering emotion. This Mother's Day we are encouraging our customers to show their mother, or the mother figure in their life, that 'she's your world' with a personalised e-gift card from gift flick®. This simple to use smart technology is able to connect the customer to their mother or mother figure in a way that is personalised and emotive, two key factors which are imperative to building brand loyalty.

Georgia Hack General Manager for Marketing Communications

This Christmas we wanted to provide customers with an innovative way to give the gift of choice. With gift flick® we can offer a special digital gifting experience where customers can create a personalised video message to accompany their eGift Card purchase – the perfect gift for family and friends both near and far. eGift Cards are also perfect for any last-minute shopping left to be done

Bevan Morris General Manager Online, David Jones

The brilliance of gift flick is twofold: the way in which our customers can now quickly and easily send a personalised gift message digitally to their loved ones using the social platform of their choice; and the benefit for our brand of an additional marketing channel to share our latest creative communications directly with customers. The opportunities for one-to-one story telling through gift flick gift stories are endless, and we're excited about this new opportunity.

Charlie Watt Marketing Comms Manager, Country Road

By partnering with gift flick, we’re able to offer our customers greater peace of mind during the busy festive season. Thanks to the partnership, any gift bought online at Country Road can be sent digitally in seconds, alongside a personalised video message. For us, it provides a more flexible approach to gifting that feels just as thoughtful.

Paul Conti Digital Manager, Country Road

Gift flick added great value to our Father’s Day campaign, allowing our consumers to easily connect with their fathers in a time when it’s not so easy to get together. And we hope a few of the dads were surprised by their gifts also!

Hugh Jellie Marketing Manager, Great Northern Brewing Co

We're thrilled to be the world's first brand to bring gift flick to market! Creating innovative products and experiences for VB consumers is our passion and gift flick's technology is helping us do this. With gift flick, it’s now never too late to purchase VB merch as gifts, offering a digital unwrapping ahead of the gift arriving in the mail. This is a great addition to our e-commerce platform, and early results show consumers are loving the opportunity to create personalised digital gifting experiences.

LAURA CALLOW Head of Operations, Cubhouse, CUB


Our product does not access or store in Personally Identifiable Information


Using AWS and setup on a serverless framework gift flick can handle any demand


Edit the theme, font, colours to make the widget feel native to your website and brand