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The research showed that half of Australians were no longer (27%) or unsure (23%) of whether they would be able to spend time with family due to financial constraints.

And if they can’t be together 18% won’t be gifting, 31% have said it will depend on how close the person is and, fortunately, 51% have said they will still give – meaning they’ll need to have posted before the 12th of December (Australia Post postal deadline) or look to innovative digital means.

“The message is clear – people have warmed to online gifting, but they worry about the lack of personalisation, connection and/or showing an appropriate amount of effort. gift flick® exists to provide an innovative way to digitally gift with personalised ‘gift stories’ that include video and/or written notes and digital ‘reveals’ of physical selected gifts or vouchers that will be sent directly from the retailer.

“The gifter is provided a unique URL, which they can send directly (rather than an email coming from a retailer) using any digital means – text, social media messaging or email – at the time of their choice. So, even if the gift is going to be late, the sentiment never will and the retailer is still embedded in the experience as the ‘gift story’ is created to embrace their latest creative marketing execution.” says Helen Marsh, gift flick®Co-Founder and CMO.

And, speaking of those dreaded Christmas deadlines, when asked if respondents knew the Australia Post deadlines this year only 28% did, a further 27% said they’d find out and 45% had no clue.

Download the consumer research report to delve further into three key areas of customer sentiment:

  1. e-gifting and vouchers

  2. Christmas and other gifting deadlines

  3. Sentiment around revealing the financial value of gifts