David Jones and gift flick

Significant growth of online purchases over the past 18 months coupled with recent ARA-Roy Morgan survey* data showing vouchers/gift cards to be the #2 item on the Christmas shopping list of Aussies this year has driven this move.

“This Christmas we wanted to provide customers with an innovative way to give the gift of choice. With gift flick® we can offer a special digital gifting experience where customers can create a personalised video message to accompany their eGift Card purchase – the perfect gift for family and friends both near and far. eGift Cards are also perfect for any last-minute shopping left to be done” says Bevan Morris, General Manager Online, David Jones.

Born in last year’s lockdown, the Melbourne-based gift flick®  team have built an innovative e-commerce plug in that enables consumers to send any product or gift voucher in an e-tailers store as a personalised gift that’s digitally ‘wrapped’ and can be delivered instantly via the messaging channel of the customer’s choice. Country Road customers are already enjoying gift flick® which is available for both physical products and e-gift cards.

“We wanted to create a digital gift receiving experience that offers the same kind of emotive, personalised sentiment that comes across when you hand someone a gift in person." says Helen Marsh, Co-Founder & CMO at gift flick®. “Our technology enables retailers to radically enhance the gift receiving experience that exists today”.

For David Jones customers this means they can digitally gift through gift flick® – a perfect solution for those that won’t be able to see their loved ones in person this Christmas and for those who leave gift shopping to the very last minute. 

Visit davidjones.com.au to experience gift flick®and see the David Jones gift flick® Christmas gift story https://www.davidjones.com/default.aspx?Z=c&action=displayvoucher

*ARA-Roy Morgan Snap SMS survey was conducted with an Australian-wide cross-section of 3,162 Australians aged 18+ on Wednesday September 1 - Thursday September 2, 2021 including 2,362 who plan on buying gifts for Christmas.  77% of surveyed Australians plan on buying gifts this year. Of those who’ve decided what they plan to buy 18% will purchased vouchers/gift cards, just behind the highest % choice of toys/jigsaws/boards games at 20%.