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Iconic Australia retailer Country Road has taken an innovative tech-led approach to maximising sales opportunities this Christmas. Launching this November, every customer purchasing items online as gifts can guarantee the gift can be revealed to the recipient in time for the big day, thanks to the very latest instant digital gifting technology provided by gift flick®.

By partnering with gift flick, we’re able to offer our customers greater peace of mind during the busy festive season. Thanks to the partnership, any gift bought online at Country Road can be sent digitally in seconds, alongside a personalised video message. For us, it provides a more flexible approach to gifting that feels just as thoughtful.” Paul Conti, Digital Manager at Country Road

Born in last year’s lockdown, the Melbourne-based gift flick®team have built an innovative e-commerce plug in that enables consumers to send any product in an e-tailers store as a personalised gift that’s digitally ‘wrapped’ and can be delivered instantly, while the physical item is in transit. 

“What if the whole concept of ‘shop before the shipping window cut off date’ could be exploded and replaced with a completely new way for consumers to reveal physical gifts through a personalised digital experience that is delivered instantly via the messaging channel of the customer’s choice, while the retailer’s logistics company manages shipping of the physical items as per normal?” explains Helen Marsh, gift flick®Co-Founder & CMO, when asked what drove her and the team to develop gift flick®technology.

Gifts are revealed within a gift flick®gift story that features a personalised message, photo or video which are cleverly integrated into an animated or filmed story. “We wanted to create a digital gift receiving experience that offers the same kind of emotive, personalised sentiment that comes across when you hand someone a gift in person." says Helen. “The same digital wrapping and delivery experience also works for digital gift vouchers, significantly enhancing the gift receiving experience, compared to what exists today”.

For Country Road customers this means they can digitally gift through gift flick®– a perfect solution for those that won’t be able to see their loved ones in person this Christmas and for those who leave gift shopping to the very last minute. 

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