Kitchen Warehouse

It’s the perfect solution for those that leave gift shopping to the last moment and for those that aren’t able to see their loved ones in person.

Gifts are revealed within a gift flick® gift story that features a personalised message, photo or video which are cleverly integrated into a special Kitchen Warehouse video story.

Gifts can be physical items and gift vouchers. Kitchen Warehouse has Australia’s widest range of top quality goods in all areas of kitchen and homewares, so there are plenty to gift items to choose from.

“We wanted to create a digital gift receiving experience that offers the same kind of emotive, personalised sentiment that comes across when you hand someone a gift in person" explains Helen Marsh, gift flick® Co-Founder & CMO, “we’ve built a completely new way for consumers to reveal physical gifts through a personalised digital experience that is delivered instantly via the messaging channel of the customer’s choice, while the retailer’s logistics company manages shipping of the physical items as per normal.” says Helen.