gift flick + Godiva

Shoppers at purchasing items online as gifts can guarantee the gift can be revealed to the recipient in time for the big day, thanks to the very latest instant digital gifting technology provided by gift flick®.

Gifts are revealed within a gift flick® gift story that features a personalised message, photo or video which are cleverly integrated into a special Godiva video story that the buyer can customise for the gift recipient. Gifts can be physical items and gift vouchers.

Shane Hills, GODIVA Australia Country Manager, says

“With so many of our customers choosing to gift with GODIVA, gift flick has elevated the way we send thoughtful, personalised messages with our chocolate.

In a culture where more and more people are becoming comfortable sending video messages over email or text, gift flick helped us evolve our gifting storytelling abilities with its innovative, easy-to-use integration.

Through the medium of video, we can also help our customers communicate thoughtful messages without the barrier of one language–whether you speak English or you speak Mandarin, gift flick is for anyone who gifts. We become part of the method that someone creates a special memory for the one they gift.”

Originating in Belgium in 1926 Godiva has risen to become the official chocolatier to the Belgian Royal Court, gaining a reputation for chocolate mastery across the globe and pioneering a distinctive brand of mouth-watering luxury.

Helen Marsh, gift flick® Co-Founder & CMO, says “the aim is to remove the anxiety of ‘shopping before the shipping window cut-off date’ and replace that with a positive, creative new way for consumers to reveal physical gifts through a personalised digital experience.Our purpose is to create a digital gift experience for retail brands that offers the same kind of emotive, personalised sentiment that comes across when you hand someone a gift in person"explains Helen. “There’s something very special about gifting someone you love luxury chocolates, so we were thrilled when the team at Godiva approached us”

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