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Ahead of the Valentine's Day gifting period gift flick® undertook some consumer research, via Pure Profile, to better understand the gifting behaviour of everyday Australians.

37% of Australians said they were not feeling the love for Valentine’s Day.

However, almost half of the nation is secretly warmed at the mention of February 14, with 48% saying it was something they do like to acknowledge in a ‘low key’ or understated way.

Only an enthusiastic 15% admitted to being lovers of Valentine’s Day, agreeing it was all about the gesture and romantic dinners, red roses – or maybe even those stuffed, fluffy white gorilla soft toys holding bright red ‘I love you’ hearts.

We asked people if the somewhat ‘cheesy’ stigma of Valentine’s Day ever made them feel embarrassed to give or receive a gift. Around 36% said they feel embarrassment sending and receiving gifts – but mostly because they don’t like public declarations of love.

20% were worried about what other people would think of them either giving the gift, or were concerned it’d be a particularly ‘daggy’ look if they received a gift at work.

However, the largest cohort - 44% - did admit to an overriding feeling of joy when they gave or received a gift on Valentine’s Day.

When it came to the type of gift preferred 40% wanted something physical, 32% were up for something delivered digitally - such as gift voucher - and 28% said gifts were unnecessary.

So how do Aussies meet the expectations of their loved ones – most of which would like to be acknowledged in some way – without creating a public spectacle?

“Post pandemic a lot of people are working from home – so along with the embarrassment factor, it’s hard to pick when your paramour is at their desk, at home, or even off at the dog park living their best balanced life,” says giftflick® Co-Founder and CMO, Helen Marsh.“Our technology enables gifters to reach loved ones anywhere at anytime, and it allows them to be hyper-personal with a free curated ‘gift story’ that includes your text and video and reveals images of the gift you’ve selected for them.

“This is the perfect way to acknowledge Valentine’s Day in the discreet, private and understated way Aussies have said they like to express their love.

giftflick® is also really helpful if you only remember on the day before Valentine’s Day - or the day itself! While a physical gift might arrive after the 14th – the message of love can be created in minutes for instant delivery."

Research conducted by Pure Profile with 1,009 Australian consumers during November 2022