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Iconic Australian retailer Country Road took an innovative tech-led approach to maximising sales opportunities and mitigating shipping delays last Christmas, using the latest digital gifting technology provided by gift flick®.

By partnering with gift flick, we’re able to offer our customers greater peace of mind during the busy festive season. Thanks to the partnership, any gift bought online at Country Road can be sent digitally in seconds, alongside a personalised video message. For us, it provides a more flexible approach to gifting that feels just as thoughtful.” Paul Conti, Digital Manager, Country Road

Every customer purchasing Country Road items online as gifts could guarantee the gift could be revealed to the recipient in time for the big day. The gift flick® e-commerce plug in enables consumers to send any product in an e-tailers store as a personalised gift that’s digitally ‘wrapped’ and can be delivered instantly, while the physical item is in transit. 

gift flick® Christmas campaign performance:

Country Road benefited from 10x return on their investment in gift flick® last Christmas      

A dedicated edm delivered engagement rates 20% above benchmark and generated incremental sales     

Paid and organic social delivered strong engagement and over 1m gift flick video views

gift flick® low cost integration means return on retailer investment comes fast   

What we learned:

80% of gift flicks sent were gifting physical products, offering customers a thoughtful alternative to e-gift cards

80% of gift flicks were sent after Country Road’s traditional Christmas delivery deadline, suggesting strong incremental sales

50% of gift flicks sent in January were for birthday gifts, validating the value of gift flick as an always-on service

The brilliance of gift flick is twofold: the way in which our customers can now quickly and easily send a personalised gift message digitally to their loved ones using the social platform of their choice; and the benefit for our brand of an additional marketing channel to share our latest creative communications directly with customers. The opportunities for one-to-one story telling through gift flick gift stories are endless, and we're excited about this new opportunity.”  Charlie Watt, Marketing Comms Manager, Country Road

What we’re exploring next with Country Road:  

Using gift flick® technology to personalise rewards for loyalty program customers  

Including gift flick® as an added-value service for Country Road’s corporate gifting offering

Offering customers the opportunity to use gift flick® for in-store purchases and physical gift cards

Allowing gift flick® receivers to reciprocate with a thank you gift flick® 

Planning gift story refreshes for all key seasonal gifting moments in 2022

gift flick® solves headaches for retailers:

Keeping online sales pumping right up until the seasonal gifting occasion, despite potential shipping constraints    

Considerably improving the gift delivery experience for both physical products and e-vouchers using technology rather than traditional ways of gift wrapping   

Building brand affinity through a personalized 1-1 gifting service for customers

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