corporate gifting

With gift flick® retailers who offer products to corporate customers to gift to their employees can now enhance the gift experience using gift flick®. Employee gifts can be revealed within a gift flick® digital gift story that features a personalised message and video from the company leader to each of their employees.

These inputs, along with any other data such as employee name, years of service, achievements for example, are cleverly integrated into an animated or filmed story that reveals the chosen gift. This digital version of the gift can be delivered instantly through any channel of their choice (email, messenger etc) while the physical item is in transit. If the gift that they've chosen for their employees is an e-voucher, this can be sent separately via email at the time of their choosing.

It’s the perfect solution for personalised corporate gifting at scale in today’s virtual business world.

Get up and running in a couple of days! Here's how it works in 3 simple steps:

1.      Add some creative and copy to your existing corporate gifting page explaining the value of gift flick® as well as a gift story video example (we can help you create this)

2.      In your standard enquiry form create an option for corporate customers to signal their interest in using gift flick® (eg drop down selector)

3.      You liaise with your corporate customer to select the gift(s) to appear in the gift flick® gift story

4.      gift flick® creates the gift stories personalized for each employee and provides unique urls for each individual which can be distributed by the corporate customer through their channel of choice eg email, MS Teams chat, SMS etc. Alternatively, gift flick® can send the gift story to employees directly via email

Retailers can choose to absorb the gift flick® cost, offering our service as a value add to your corporate customers, or pass it on to your customer – the choice is yours.

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