Getting others to pitch in for the gift? Share the gifting love while making sure they pony up the cash with GiftSplit! As well as letting others know how much they owe you, they’ll be able to contribute their own message and video to the e-card.


How it works:


Once you’ve made your way to the payment page, and entered the recipient’s details you then pick either ‘Select Date’ or Save and Send at a Later Stage’.


In order to GiftSplit, you must choose to either ‘Select Date’ or ‘Save and Send at a Later Stage’ – this will allow contributors time to add to the e-card.


Enter the amount you want the contributors to pitch in and we’ll send a request to them via SMS or email. In the request they’ll receive a link that will allow them to add to the e-card. You’ll also get a notification each time a person has added to the card.


Although we don’t have the capability to receive contributor payments on your behalf, we can send as many reminders to those tightarses who are taking their sweet time.

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