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Stop Nail Biting - Hypnotherapy (VIC/Skype)

$245.00 AUD


  • Stop nail biting
  • NLP/Hypnotherapy session
  • Includes recording to reinforce session
  • Avoid homelessness/death/ass-worms
  • Sites located in Victoria (Brunswick East/Mornington)
  • Skype available everywhere else

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Product Description

Nail biting is a nervous tick that can have severe and equally disgusting consequences if left unaddressed. It can cause permanent damage to cuticles, harm teeth, and can also transfer all kinds of nasty things and bacteria to that slobbery hole in your face (including pinworms… from the anus…ew). Along with damaged cuticles, bad teeth and ass-to-face worms, nail biting can also impact someone’s employability, self-esteem and social interactions. Overall, not a good habit.

So, if you know someone who loves a good chew on their nails this is the gift for them! Let a professional tinker around in that noggin of theirs and get them to stop munchin those nails with a Hypnotherapy Session!

This includes one NLP Hypnotherapy session and also a recording that can be downloaded to reinforce the session at any time. Your loved-one can expect to stop that habitual nail biting. And you’ll have potentially saved them from being a disgusting/homeless/assed-mouth/dead person.

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Breathe Hypnotherapy

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