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Paint by Numbers kit

$74.90 AUD

Postage Australia Wide: $15.00 AUD


  • No talent required
  • Paint the numbered shapes with numbered paint and produce a masterpiece
  • Paintings from famous artists available such as Monet, Van Gogh and Rembrandt 
  • Everything you need included such as pre-printed canvas, paints, brushes and a 40 X 50cm kit/canvas 
  • 40+ designs to choose from (images only show a few of the designs and may/maynot be in stock at time)
  • Send via the Gift Instantly option and your loved one can select they design they want.  
  • We will also deliver the gift wrapped up

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Product Description

NOTE: The Paint by Numbers range changes all the time and the images shown above may not depict what is currently available...Rest assured the range is always big (40 +) and awesome.  

Let someone paint a god damn masterpiece with this amazing gift! Doesn’t matter if they’re a talentless bum, this will make them look like an artist that’s just stepped out of the renaissance, without the whole 1 in 3 chance of dying from the Black Plague thing.

What's The Kit Includes:

The painting by numbers kit includes everything needed to produce an awe-inspiring masterpiece. The kit comes complete with the following: 

(Note: you don't have to buy anything separately)

  • Pre-Printed Cotton Stretched Canvas on Wooden Internal Frame. The internal wooden frame is pre-assembled (no assembly is required), so that needs to be done is to open the packaging box and start painting;
  • Non Toxic Acrylic Paints. All paints are ready to be used, NO mixing of paints is required. Guaranteed no dried paints;
  • 3 x Paint Brushes, in different sizes to improve painting accuracy;
  • Set of Hooks and Screws, so the artwork can be hung up once the painting is complete
  • Instruction and Painting Template, they don't really need this, but it's include anyway free of charge.


Gift Instantly: 

The Gift can be sent instantly if you use the Gift Instantly option. The gift is sent via sms and the recipient opens it on their phone virtually. Once they redeem it, the product will be shipped. It's the new way of gifting 

Processing time: 

This item will be dispatched within 1-2 business days once the order has been placed or redeemed by the recipient. 

Delivery times: 

1 - 4 days Delivery from dispatch.

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