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One Day of Slave Labour - Priceless



  • Personal voucher
  • Be a slave for a day
  • Requests should be within reason
  • Upgrade to sexy slave (optional)
  • BYO pickaxe and striped PJs

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Product Description

This coupon entitles the receiver to one day of slave labour from you. They can go crazy, get creative, but hopefully not too creepy, unless you’re into that.

If they’ve got stuff to do around the house, you’re on it. Do they want a butler for the day? Great, dress up, let them call you Jeeves or Alfred and get bossed around. Have they got some giant rocks that need splitting with a pickaxe on a dusty roadside somewhere? Boom! Looks like you better put on some blue and white striped pajamas and get to work.


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GiftFlick Priceless

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