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In Home Stand-up Comedy Set - Melbourne, VIC

$225.00 AUD


  • Hilarious comedy
  • Delivered to their door
  • Great for small groups
  • Liven up any boring event
  • lols all round
  • Melbourne Only (within 50km)

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Product Description

Being funny is tough. People are either naturally funny, they’ve refined the craft, they think they’re funny but they’re not, or they just accept they’re not funny. Unfortunately the majority of us fall in to the latter two.

So, best thing to do? Leave that shit to the professionals.

If you know someone who loves a good laugh, you should gift them a stand-up comedian set in their home! That’s right. Let the comedians bring the laughs to that special someone.

Comedy Beast delivers comedians straight to their door ready to perform 30 minutes of stand-up comedy, allowing them to kick-back, relax and enjoy some hassle-free entertainment.

They can get the comedian to come along and liven up a party or event or even just have a comedic one-on-one… with someone who's actually funny.

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