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Custom Street Art In Melbourne CBD

$770.00 AUD


  • A massive 5M X 2M Custom Street Art Mural  (NEW)
  • Spray painted in  Melbourne CBD
  • Propose to your loved one with Flaire or
  • Simply show them how much you love them
  • Totally Unique Marriage Proposal idea

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NOTE: send any gift to the recipient digitally in an awesome way via our Gift Instantly option. Orders via the Buy For me option are typically delivered within 5 working days unless the product requires customisation

Product Description

This awesome and uniquely Melbourne gift will give your loved one the ability to get a message painted in Melbourne CBD by a professional street artist. 

They’ll get up to 25 characters of text for their mural. For example they could get something like their name or someone else’s name, or something like: “Welcome Home Daniel!” or “Will You Marry Me Sally?” or “I Love Chicken Nuggets” or “You’re Adopted Steven”. You get the idea, this is an amazing gift for anyone looking to up their street cred and who’s got a message they want to get out into the world in totally unique way.

The approximate size of the artwork is 5m x 2m. The artist will create their own artwork from your text request. Of course the text is subject to approval by the artist, so nothing inappropriate like poop jokes. They can even add some cool imagery as well. 

Most people like to wander through the laneway shortly after the installation so they can bask in their awesomeness and bring the person who the message is for.

Here are a few awesome videos that capture what you are buying: 





  • Due to the nature of street art, the Artist cannot guarantee how long the artwork will stay up for before it gets painted over. It could be 1 hour, it could be a couple of days. In order to ensure the artwork is ready for the gift recipient, we usually get our artist to paint the artwork 3-4 hours prior to the gift recipient seeing it (depending on what time of day that is).
  • The Artist is typically only available on weekends and is subject to availability. Before purchasing it is best to contact us to confirm the date you are looking for is available hello@giftflick.com.au
  • For Marriage proposals or surprises the artist will work with you to ensure the timing is spot on ensure your experiece is memorable.
  • Once purchased via the "Buy for me" option, you will recieve a voucher which will instruct you on what you need to do to book in and organise this amazing experience/event 


Gift Instantly: 

The Gift can be sent instantly if you use the Gift Instantly option. The gift is sent via sms and the recipient opens it on their phone virtually. Once they redeem it, the product will be shipped. It's the new way of gifting 

Processing time: 

This item will be dispatched within 5 business days once the order has been placed or redeemed by the recipient. 

Delivery times: 

5 - 10 days Delivery from dispatch.

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