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Custom Lego Figurine - Brick Yourself

$49.95 AUD


  • Custom LEGO figurine 
  • A unique gift that will be treasured forever
  • Let someone turn themselves into a lego character
  • Free PVC base plate
  • Free PVC display case
  • Amazing ornament
  • Awesome foot destroyer if left on the floor

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Product Description

LEGO® is simply AWESOME, and were pretty much the building blocks (pun intended) to many amazing and imaginative childhoods. And boy were they also fantastic at keeping your parents on high alert when walking around barefoot…

If you know someone who is a LEGO® lover, or you just want to buy a totally awesome and unique gift for someone - then look no further and get them a custom LEGO® caricature. The geniuses at Brick Yourself create figures that both look and feel like the person being represented… in LEGO® figurine form!!

At its heart, Brick Yourself is about gift giving. Whether the gift is for yourself or someone else, you can be assured it’s bound to be something special.

The recipient will be able to work in conjunction with a professional designer to customise the LEGO® figurine in the way they desire within reason.  

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