Why partner with us?

Join Australia's most innovative Gifting platform and grow your business by allowing customers to access and sell your product or service even 2 minutes before they need to send a gift

Free listing

We don’t charge listing fees and simply work by taking a below industry average commission of the sale price to keep us going.

Effortless onboarding

Already trading on other platforms, or simply don’t have time to set it all up? We can help with the setup so it’s simply a matter of reviewing and approving to go live.

New revenue stream

With our tech, we make many products accessible to customers that wouldn’t otherwise be able to purchase it at the last minute.

Not a discount site

While some of our suppliers offer them, our focus is on great products, great tech, great customer experiences and sustainable long term growth for our partners.

Limited competition

We try to limit the competition so we DON’T add 50 competing products and allow you to price fight your way to the bottom.


Whilst we are always marketing and growing our brand we also work with our partners on co-promotion.

Drop us an email us at hello@giftflick.com.au and tell us what you do or to find out more about us.