Do people even read FAQs these days? Well if you’re reading this, thank you for not making us write these in vain.

  • So what’s different about GiftFlick?

    Quite simply, you can buy and send awesome gifts, “wrapped up” and sent digitally in a few minutes. That’s right, a few minutes... right from your phone while you're on the toilet if you want. Find a gift, select a digital greeting card, write on it, add a video message, wrap it and send it via sms. We present gifts arguably better than the traditional gifting experience…Try it yourself for free and send someone a “priceless” gift.

  • Do you do refunds or exchanges?

    Sadly, We don’t offer direct refunds. However If you have received a gift and it is not as described or it is faulty please reach out to the supplier directly as each suppliers have different policies. If you are having issues, please reach out to us at hello@giftflick.com.au or drop us an instant message via the contact us page.

  • How does my lucky ducky loved one receive their gift?

    All you need is their mobile number and we send the goodness straight to them in the form of a link via sms. Once they open their digital gift they’ll just need to confirm their details. Check it here: [insert excellent how it works vid]

  • How are vouchers redeemed/used?

    From the date the gift recipient gets their digital gift they will have a minimum of 30 days redeem their voucher. We will send them a few reminders in case they forget. All they’ll need to do is send us their email address and we'll send the voucher via email. Once they receive their voucher they will need to follow the instructions on the voucher to redeem it.

  • How are products redeemed?

    From the date the gift recipient gets their digital gift they'll have a minimum of 30 days redeem their gift. Like vouchers, we will send them a few reminders. All they’ll need to do is send us their delivery address and the supplier will ship their gift.

  • How long are vouchers valid for?

    Every voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

  • How do I log into my account?

    Logging into your account is easy as balls just click on “Sign in” and enter your details. In your account you can access your received gifts, sent gifts, saved gifts, account settings and GiftSplit details.

  • What happens if I send a gift to the wrong person?

    Ah shit....all good. Go to You > Sent gifts, click resend and enter the correct mobile number.

  • How much is delivery?

    The delivery price of product gifts will vary depending on the supplier but all of our delivery prices are reasonable. Prices are clearly listed.

  • Are gifts sent out together or in separate packages?

    Usually, we find it more efficient to send product gifts separately. This is because we source products from a number of different suppliers, who will invariably deliver items at different times. Although, if the products are from the same supplier they’ll most likely be packaged together. And of course, if it’s a gift voucher or experience voucher it’ll be sent out instantaneously once the gift receiver confirms their email address.

  • Can you provide tracking numbers for products?

    Yes, if the supplier has shipped the product with a tracking number you will be able to see where it's at.

  • What payment options are available?

    We accept the following payment types: VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, VISA Debit and PayPal. Unfortunately we cannot accept orders paid by cheque, postal order, tacos, straight up cash or any other archaic payment method.

  • Is my personal information protected?

    Absolutely! We take security very serious at GiftFlick. Our state of the art security mechanisms ensure your details are safe. And we do not share your details with anyone.

  • Can I place my order over the phone?

    We live in a glorious time of technology and one day flying cars and sex robots – so we like to only process orders placed through the website. This policy ensures that we can accept orders quickly and so your details are kept snug and secure while you make a purchase.

  • Is GiftFlick available in countries besides Australia?

    Soon my friend, soon. However, if you live in another country and want to send an awesome gift to someone in Australia you are good to go.

  • Will the gift recipient get a physical greeting card?

    We hope it is pretty clear on our site that it is a digital card only. If not, well hopefully it is now. Phones are pretty much surgically attached to our limbs these days, so we'll be keeping it green and keeping it digital, because paper murders trees, and trees are cool.

  • How does GiftSplit work?

    Get others to pitch in for gifts with GiftSplit. Once you've selected a gift and made the purchase, enter the details of people you want to contribute to the gift and they'll be able to add to the e-card and record their own video message. We'll also send you a notification once they have contributed to the card so you know when to send the gift. Win.

  • How do I contact you chumps?

    The easiest way to get in touch with us is by filling in the online ‘contact us’ form. If you have any questions, comments, issues, feedback, suggestions or you just want to say hi – let us know and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

    If online forms aren’t your thing you can email us at hello@giftflick.com.au or chat to us via instant messenger –a chat widget will pop up on the contact us page during business hours.

  • Will the giftee(gift recipient) see the price tag?

    Details of the price stay between us unless it’s value based gift card eg $50 gift card... and this is where you say…”No shit!”

  • How can I get a tax invoice?

    We send you a tax invoice as soon as you let go of your precious money. It will be sent via email in the form of a pdf.

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